On the 15th April 2013 Pastor Jason Beynon of our Elim Pontarddulais Church wrote

This scooter was left in the foyer after a healing meeting in Bont Elim. Terry came by scooter and walked all the way home, unaided the first time in 15 years. Last sighted walking the dog!! To God be the glory.


Here is some more of the story.

Monday 15th April was to be our normal Alpha night.  We had arrived at the part of the course where the subject under consideration was ‘Does God Heal Today?’  It was decided that rather than this being an Alpha night that we would open this up to the whole of the fellowship, and to friends of the fellowship to come and experience the healing power of God.  

Following are just some of the testimonies that we know about as a result of God moving that evening....



Terry, an MS sufferer for some fifteen years who had not known what it was to walk without the use of walking aids.  Terry came to the meeting on his electric scooter, which broke down outside the front door of the Church just before the meeting commenced.  He came forward for ministry, and the Lord truly met him in a powerful way, after prayer and speaking the word of healing to him, both Pastor Jason and Pastor Dave, helped Terry out of the seat, and had him walk about four/five meters, at this point he was very unstable on his feet, and needed the support of both Pastors to walk.  He was told to sit and continue receiving from God.  About twenty minutes past and again both Pastors went to help Terry to his feet, this time, a step of faith was taken and Terry walked the whole length of the Church, from the pulpit to the foyer with the aid of just resting his hands on the hands of Pastor Dave, with Pastor Jason behind.  This was done three times, before Terry was told to walk by himself, this he did, with no aid, God had truly met with our brother, and His healing virtue had flowed from the throne above to the life of one of His children.  Reports came in that very night that Terry was seen out walking his dog unaided just an hour after the service closed.  Terry has come back and forth to the Church through the week, and each time, he has testified to getting stronger and stronger.  Praise God, that He that has begun a good work will complete it.


Jenny, who shared a testimony of how God healed her in the past during the healing meeting, received an additional touch from the Lord.  Jenny had been suffering with neck problems for some time; she came forward for ministry and was ministered to.  Jenny came to the Church early on Tuesday before the midweek Bible study, to speak to us and to share that she had experienced the healing touch of God. She testified that she went home on Monday night and opened her Bible to Mark 5 and there she read the account of the woman who pushed through the crowd to touch the hem of His garment.  Jenny took this as being a sign from God, that she had experienced the healing power of God that night.  She awoke on the Tuesday morning realising that she was now able to move her neck without pain.  The healing virtue of God was truly flowing amongst His people. 


Tash, a young lady in the fellowship who has for a number of months been going through some deeply emotional struggles and trials in her life, came forward for ministry, and she has testified to that ‘she could go on by herself no longer’, and it was on Monday night that God came, and brought emotional healing to her.  ‘I felt like a weight has been lifted off of me’.  Thank God that He is concerned about our spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

A Young Lad

A young lad, of the age of 15 whose life was spiralling in the wrong way, and who was drinking, smoking and taking drugs has started a journey of healing. Despite him running out of the meeting because the presence of God was so heavy, one of the members of the Church went and brought him back in, and he came forward for ministry, not knowing what to expect.  Before anyone was able to pray with him, or minister to him in anyway, the Holy Spirit took a hold of him and he went down under the power of the Spirit, and there he stayed for some twenty – thirty minutes, the Holy Spirit was doing the work.  He has recently come to the Church and in his own words has said ‘I have not taken drugs, drank and I have cut smoking down to just two a day since Monday night’.  Thank God that the healing process has commenced, and we are looking forward to complete healing.


Margaret, a lady who was suffering from Diabetes and whose sugar levels were extremely high, has testified to the fact that since Monday Night, when she has tested her sugar levels, her levels have dropped dramatically.  We stand and believe that God will continue healing this dear lady, and that she will be completely freed of this illness.

During the meeting there were those who did not come forward for ministry, yet there have been testimonies that God was working within them as well. 


Alan, testified to the fact that he did not want to come to the healing meeting as he was tired and had other things to do.  But he said that God told him ‘to go’.  He came to the meeting, and God met with him in his seat, and in his own words he received ‘heart healing’, what Alan was experiencing was the emotional healing power of God.  God has worked mighty miracles in this man’s life over the years, and this truly is a case of continued healing ministry.


Nikki, was sat at the back of the meeting, and she had put out what can only be described as a fleece before God, and that was ‘I don’t need to go to the front, you can meet me here’, and that is exactly what God did.  God had Pastor Dave to go to the back of the Church and lay hands on her.  Nikki has testified to emotional healing taking place in her life.

What was the on going impact of this?

The outcome of the healing meeting on the Monday night has resulted in the fellowship commencing a new meeting on a Thursday afternoon at 2.00pm.  These meetings have been called ‘Encounter Prayer Meetings’, a time when men and women can come along and do business with God, receive prayer ministry and generally get refreshed in the presence of God.

We believe passionately that what took place during our healing meeting was the start of something big.  We are excited about what God is doing in and through His people.  We are believing God for great and mighty things in the days that lay ahead.