For the fourth year running Cardiff City Temple has taken a team to Macedonia to work with Elim Churches there as they celebrate Christmas on 7th January. 

Macedonia which follows an Orthodox Calendar celebrates Christmas in January and the City Temple have sent teams to work with the church in Stip and help them reach out to many local people in word and deed. This year the team of 14 was involved in open airs, Christmas services and a special "Blood Donor" meal as well as visits to Delchavo and Veles with pastor Angel and his team and then other team member worked with Pastor Zoki in the capital city Skopje where another church plant is taking place. 

Pastor Steve who led the team for City Temple said:
"It is an amazing privilege to be able to serve the church in Macedonia. Over the 4 years we have been visiting we have seen the central church in Stip plant churches in Delachavo, Veles and Skopje. Pastor Angel and Pastor Zoki and their families are working so hard to reach the people of Macedonia with the love of Jesus. We are just thankful that we can work alongside the church in helping them work towards their goal."