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Elim Wales represents Elim Pentecostal Churches in the Principality of Wales. There are approximately 550 Elim Churches in the UK and 35 Elim churches in Wales.

These are a number of types and style of Elim church in Wales but they broadly fall into the following categories 

City Churches

These represent our largest churches and are based in Cardiff and Swansea. They have large congregations, with main Sunday services of many hundreds of people. They have people of all ages and many nationalities.

Main Centre Churches

These are not as big as our City churches but still have large congregations averaging over 100 people in their main Sunday service many have a town or city focus and draw people from a wide radius. Some of these churches also have a major community focus.

Community Churches

These churches may be smaller and some them have been "planted" out of one of other larger churches. There desire is to make a difference to those they encounter.
Many of then work in their local communities and for their benefit.

We want you to feel welcome 

We want you to feel welcome to an Elim church in Wales. Why not give us a visit? If you want to give us some feedback that would also be really helpful as we want to get better at helping people of all ages discover God's amazing plan for their lives and grow in their relationship with God and with each other.

We believe in Church

We believe that the local church is the hope of the world. We don't always get it right but we believe we can make a difference

Rev Chris Cartwright

We invite you to join us!

Many people have had a negative experience of church in the past but our hope is that you find a place where you are accepted, loved and get to know Jesus better.

Rev Steve Harris

What we believe

We are Evangelical churches who believe that the Holy Spirit is still at work and the gifts and fruits of the Spirit which we read about in the New Testament are still at work in to the church today through ordinary Christians. For a full list of our our primary beliefs click here.

Elim Churches Map

To find if there an Elim Church near you click here


Elim Churches often work in partnership with other church in their local area. Elim is part of the Evangelical Alliance and also local churches are often part of local church grouping. 

Direction Magazine

Elim's national monthly magazine is now available online 

Elim Missions

Find out how you can get involved in the work of Elim Missions

Regent Theological College

if you interested in studying theology why not consider Elim own theological college, Regents


Find out what is happening with Elim national youth ministry including local and national events 

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